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Combating the Aging Process With Eyelid Surgery?

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The thin skin around the eyes often causes them to be at the forefront of premature facial aging. And as your eyes are responsible for expressing your emotions, visible aging affects the youthful appearance of your entire face. Aging of the eyes is the result of several factors. The constant movement of the eyelids, caused by blinking and facial expressions, sun damage, and gravity all weaken the tissues around the eyes, which creates the formation of fine lines, heavy upper eyelids, and puffy bags beneath the eyes. Blepharoplasty is performed to counteract these signs of aging by removing excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids. It can be performed on patients as young as 40 years of age. This process restores youthfulness while tightening and smoothing the eye region. While blepharoplasty can provide noticeable and substantial results, performing this surgery at different stages of facial aging will give different benefits.

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Mild Signs of Aging

Some patients choose to undergo blepharoplasty as soon as they begin to notice the effects of time and sun damage. Patients at this stage are usually in their 40s and want to stop visible aging before it sets in too deeply. Blepharoplasty for mild signs of aging tends to postpone the onset of sagging eyelids and puffy bags.

Moderate Signs of Aging

Patients with moderate signs of eyelid aging often experience skin laxity on the upper and lower eyelids that limit their ability to express their emotions. When laxity is present, patients often look tired, stressed, or angry. Blepharoplasty at this stage reduces the puffy bags and drooping skin so that patients are once again able to control the facial emotions their eyes are expressing.

Severe Signs of Aging

When patients experience severe aging on the eyelids, they also often experience a decrease in their range of vision, which can cause certain activities, such as driving, to be dangerous. For patients with severe signs of aging, excess skin is removed from the upper and lower eyelids, and underlying fat is lifted to allow for a broader range of vision.


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