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Reconstruction Procedures in Pasadena, CA

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Dr. Hung is a world-renowned triple board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in reconstructive techniques for the skin and face. He has decades of experience providing exemplary care for patients who need reconstructive procedures to regain a better quality of life. Many of Dr. Hung’s patients have gone through skin cancer removal (with or without Mohs surgery), and reconstructive procedures are the next step to ensure they live long and happy lives.


Nose reconstructive surgery will help repair aesthetic issues caused by skin cancer removal from the nose’s surface. It can provide a more symmetrical, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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Eyelid reconstruction surgery helps to maintain the natural shape of the eyelid and socket following the removal of cancer cells. This procedure will use vertical incisions to ensure the eye shape remains intact.

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Lip Reconstruction

Lip reconstruction surgery can repair the damage done while removing cancerous growths from the lips. This procedure can provide full lips with natural lines and minimal scarring.

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Ear Reconstruction

Ear reconstruction surgery is designed to repair damage to the ears following skin cancer treatments that involve surgical excision. This procedure can repair damage to the outer ear structures, with varying techniques to address specific tissues.

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Scalp Reconstruction

Scalp reconstruction surgery is a complex and delicate procedure used to address skin damage and hair loss following skin cancer removal from the scalp. Properly done, this surgery should not result in a noticeable loss of hair or changes to the hairline.

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Extremities reconstruction surgery is used to treat wounds caused by removing cancer from the legs or arms. This procedure can repair wounds and scarring left by prior surgical procedures and ensure an aesthetically appealing appearance.

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