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Scalp Reconstruction in Pasadena, CA

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Scalp Reconstruction

The scalp is an area prone to a lifetime of sun exposure and therefore not an uncommon area for skin cancers. While skin cancers of the scalp are much more common in men (particularly those with significant hair loss), skin cancers can also occur in women. In women’s scalps skin cancers will most often occur next to the frontal hairline, within a part line, or in the back of the scalp where there hair maybe thinning.

Reconstruction of the scalp, after skin cancer removal can be problematic. The scalp can be tight, and therefore unable to close with a straight-line closure. Excessive tension on wound closures can result in hair loss. Superficial scalp wounds, particularly when the underlying hair roots are preserved, can granulate (heal on their own) with excellent results. Larger deeper wounds can be closed with flaps (movement of adjacent tissue) or skin grafts.