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Dr. Hung is an absolute TREASURE as a Doctor and a Human Being.  He is brilliant, talented, kind and compassionate and that leads to a team of professionals in his office that exhibit the same qualities.  I can’t recommend him highly enough and thrilled that I was able to work with him for my plastic surgery needs.


Dr. Hung is a kind, gentle, compassionate and caring doctor.  I should know, since he’s been my physician for 20 years and treated numerous skin cancers on my face and body.  He is patient, and always answers my questions with clear answers, making sure that I’m comfortable with whatever course of treatment he has prescribed.  Further, he is a true artist; even when people know where he’s removed growths, they can’t see any scares.  A nice bonus is that his friendly staff makes every office visit pleasant.

Dr. Hung is a true gentleman, and I will continue to recommend him to anyone that is in need of his services.


I have been a patient of Dr. Hung’s for over 5 years.  He has removed several skin cancers from my face during this time.

Dr. Hung is very kind and caring, very professional, experienced and answers any and all questions that you might have regarding your Mohs surgery.  He is very knowledgeable and is able to remove the growth using techniques that pay attention to scar placement and minimization. He uses the most up to date wound care techniques.

His office staff is friendly, courteous and very professional.  They communicate efficiently with you, letting you know what is expected of you as a patient, regarding wound care and office procedures.  If you have had too much fun in the sun and need Mohs surgery, I would without any doubts or hesitation recommend Dr. Hung to you.


Dr. Hung’s consistent thoroughness, integrity and attention to hygiene are exceptional.  He always explains the procedures clearly and gives complete directions for the recovery.  I am very impressed with his work, would recommend him to my family and friends, and will return should I need to do so.

Also, his physician assistants and office staff are a very fine team.  They are all professional, cheerful, and give the patient a feeling of confidence.

Sincerely, D.A.

I appreciated Dr. Hung’s focused presence before, during and after my surgery.  His staff was available to answer questions and the office atmosphere was very congenial.  I would recommend Dr. Hung and his staff.

B. H.

I had a rare tumor on my forehead (dfsp) that was growing rapidly. Showed up in September, got it removed the first time by a dermatologist and biopsied in December, because I thought it was a cyst. At that point it was the size of a marble; I got the call in early January that I needed to get surgery to remove all of it. By February it had grown almost back to its previous size.

It took 3 cuts to remove it; the cut was the size of a silver dollar all the way down to my skull.

It took 36 stitches to sow my face back up. It was in the shape of a backwards L from the top center of my forehead to the far corner of my left eyebrow. It’s been 8 months since the surgery and my scar is almost not even noticeable. It took about two months to be able to be active again and I still have half of my forehead and top of my head numb, but I was warned of that beforehand.

Had I waited any longer it would have penetrated my skull and I would have had to do chemo.

Dr Hung is very professional and great at what he does. I’m going in today to get a checkup. The amount of cutting on my face was insane but it’s even more insane of the lack of a scar.

Don’t wait to get stuff like this checked out.

D. L.

Medically, the most knowledgeable of all the doctors I met with, including knowing about alternative pain medications before and during the procedure and also listing far more drugs and supplements to avoid before the surgery because they promote bleeding.

C. C.

I have had a basal cell carcinoma removed by Dr. Hung via Mohs surgery with great success. I have a small, hardly visible, scar. I am so happy the skin cancer is off of my face!

D. K.

I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma stage one through a dermatologist in my area. She referred me to Dr. Hung who is a specialist in Mohs surgery as well as having other credentials. The area in question was a very small patch at the top center on the skin right at my lip line. To remove the cancerous area he cut from the base of my nose, to my lip line, along the lip line in both directions. Part of my lip in the center had to be removed. He stitched it back together and the healing process began. Keeping in mind the cutting he had to do to remove the skin cancer (the most important part) it was remarkable how well it healed and looked. Of course it did not look as it did prior to surgery. Most of my friends and family said it was not that noticeable or not noticeable at all. Of course I saw the slight scars and non-symmetrical shape more than anyone. Expressing my concerns to Dr. Hung he was very empathetic and said let’s see what I can do for you. I just had my reconstruction yesterday. Even though the swelling is still present I can see the shape is great and the scars are completely minimized. Dr. Hung is an exemplary doctor in his field, I highly recommend him. His office and staff are incredible. I hope to never have skin cancer again but if I do, I will see him and him only. Thank you so much Dr. Hung!!

N. J.

Dr. Vincent C Hung is a very talented, professional and experienced physician who performed the Mohs for the basal cell carcinoma on my forehead. The basal cell was deep and visible after I had been misdiagnosed.

From the consultation, to the follow-up each step in the process was as pleasant as you can expect because of Dr. Hung and his entire team. Every aspect of my care was done by professional people who were both empathetic and sympathetic. The surgery he performed on my forehead was so good that the scars, which were 1.5 inches and 2 inches, are almost hidden. He is an excellent surgeon. He is very popular because of the quality of work he performs and the wait wasn’t at all long.

As an RN, I am very observant to all the aspects of my medical care and was treated very well as a patient. Dr. Hung and his entire team were superior in their care me and I am grateful.

Thanks, B. C.

They strive to have the best possible outcome from surgery through follow up and communication. Preparation is thorough and standards are high. Personable staff and caring doctor set the experience to be positive. They exceeded my expectations.

S. S.

I noticed a small bump on the top side of my nose. After having it checked by my dermatologist, I realized it was a basal cell so I needed it removed. I chose Dr. Hung for the Mohs surgery. The cancer moved all the way down my nose so I had two surgeries within only a few hours. Everything was painless & efficient. Fifteen stitches were needed & I thought I would have a terrible scar – not so. You can’t see a thing because of Dr. Hung’s flawless work. Dr. Hung & his staff are so helpful & caring. I definitely recommend him for help with Mohs surgeries – he follows up completely & he is the nicest & most competent Dr. ever!

H. V.

Great doctor with a very helpful, efficient staff!

P. E.

Fabulous Doctor and office staff –

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Hung and his office staff. He is patient and kind and although he moves quickly, he takes the time to answer all of your questions so you are comfortable with everything that is happening. He is very thorough and will not discharge you as a patient unless he is sure everything has been taken care of and you and he are happy with the result. His office staff is also very efficient, kind and always courteous and they go out of their way to help if you need help with scheduling your appointments around your work hours. Initially I was not very happy with my dermatologist that referred me to Dr. Hung, but he actually did me the best favor by sending me to Dr. Hung. I will always be grateful to Dr. Hung for doing such a great job. He removed the skin cancer I had on my face and now you can hardly see that it was ever there! I was very worried that it would always be an ugly reminder of all the sunbathing I did while growing up, but he put my mind at ease. He did just what he had to do and didn’t try to “up-sell” me into spending more money on extra plastic surgery (like others I have seen in the past). His office is incredibly busy when you are there on procedure days but he treats every patient like they are his only patient once you are on the surgical table. He is truly one of the best physicians I have seen in a very long time. I would trust him again with any type of surgery that was deemed necessary.

S. C.

Dr. Hung was very thorough and while the wound was larger than expected, it healed very well over time. Dr. Hung was meticulous in treating this area.


I would highly recommend Dr. Hung. My surgery was very successful and not noticeable after healing. He has a fine staff and the experience was the best it could possibly be. Very professional and Dr. Hung lived up to his stellar reputation.


As a patient of Dr. Hung for many years I have experienced many skin cancer Mohs procedures.   Dr. Hung has always been unmatched in reconstructive surgeries, grafts, and biopsies, etc. I have experienced multiple facial procedures cancer related.  As listed in top doctors 2013 “Best Physicians as chosen by their peers” Dr. Hung is unmatched. I have experienced removals and grafts that required 10 plus biopsies and Dr. Hung as always remains very professional, calming throughout the entire completed procedure.  I highly recommend anyone requiring any type of reconstructive surgery, cancer related surgery etc., contact Dr. Hung’s office.

J. M.

Friendly staff.  Waits procedures are short.  Very efficient once procedure is started.  Does Mohs for skin cancer and plastic surgery.


Dr. Hung and his staff have been amazing before, during, and after my skin cancer surgery.  He has gone above and beyond my expectations.


As usual, Dr. Hung was superb – same experience for the past 10+ years.


I highly recommend Dr. Hung and his staff!  They are extremely profession, explain each step and are always on time.  He is the specialist!


I am very happy!  A 10


Very Best in his Class


Dr. Hung performed Mohs surgery on my daughter. He is a wonderful doctor and man. His office staff is also amazing. We owe him a lifetime of gratitude.


At such a frightening time in my life Dr. Hung and all in his office and surgical center provided excellent care and skills in treating my physical condition which has resulted in a positive outcome to a negative situation. But the supportive and compassionate attentiveness to my mental and emotional well-being by all I came in contact with was invaluable. The atmosphere set by Dr. Hung trickles down, offering his patients a safe shelter in a storm. My sincere thanks to all.


I was completely happy with the outcome of my most recent surgery.

Dr. Hung is a perfectionist.


All involved are friendly and professional. They make a generally unpleasant experience as pleasant as it can be. Highly recommended.


Dr. Hung did an outstanding job of successfully removing the melanoma from my forehead. In addition, he has one of the most positive and supportive staffs that I have ever encountered!

I would highly recommend Dr. Hung.


Dr. Hung is a genius! I was a sun worshipper growing up. Needless to say, I’m now paying for it. I’ve had over four surgeries, and each one gets better!  on my last surgery,  Dr. Hung had to remove a basil cell from my lower eyelid.  Since I’d already had my eye operated on previously to remove bags and another basil cell, I was extremely worried!  I shouldn’t have been. In Dr. Hung’s capable hands, I barely have a scar!  I would highly recommend him and his staff is wonderful too.  Helpful, courteous, and kind!


Dr. Hung and his staff are the consummate professionals!  Thank You for Your incredible work.


They strive to have the best possible outcome from surgery through follow up and communication. Preparation is thorough and standards are high. Personable staff and caring doctor set the experience to be positive. They exceeded my expectations.


Treatment and patient care I received from Dr Hung and his staff could not have been better.  I had treatment with this office after a mole/skin biopsy came back needing further attention. I would 100 percent recommend Dr Hung to anyone looking for this type of surgery. Staff and doctors are friendly and welcoming and put you at ease.  He will only discharge when his patients are totally satisfied.


I just had Mohs surgery with Dr Hung to remove a Basal Cell Carcinoma. He and his staff were amazing, caring very professional and thoughtful.  His bedside manners are great.  Undoubtedly his credentials and experience make him a top notch doctor but the human touch he has is what makes him a great doctor.

I am so glad my internist recommended him!


Last year my dermatologist of thirty some years advised me of a skin cancer he found on my nose that required surgery from a specialist. He recommended two who had operated on his relatives and friends.

My consultation time with Dr. Hung was didactic and engaging. Using a hand held model of my cancer, the doctor delineated growth characteristics of my cancer. Doctor Hung presented me with a MOHS Bullet Point Summary Page comprised of surgery procedures, healing instructions, and advice regarding exercises that might impact my recovery. My consultation ended with Doctor Hung advising me to bring a book, and be prepared to spend the day if required.

Doctor Hung put to rest any angst regarding his ability to perform all MOHS procedures including (1) The administering of a local anesthetic (2) The surgical removal of my cancer and (3) The surgical repair to my nose with skin grafted from behind my right ear. Doctor Hung fielded my provocative questions with great aplomb and wit.

On the day of my surgery, I entered the office at 7:30 AM. During surgery, the Doctor and I chatted. My procedure required two layers and ended a little before noon. My wife picked up pain pills as instructed and I made an effort get ahead of the pain as instructed, which was to come, and well it did. I received a surprise call from the Doctor’s office that evening, asking how I was doing. Although I felt like I had gone a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson, the day of the surgery was the only day I used extra pills for pain. Thereafter for pain, I took one pill a day and was off all pain medication within three days.

During the ensuing follow up office visits, I found the doctor interested in my recovery as well as the books I read; he possessed a sincere interest in my well-being. This was reflected in his staff that I found well trained, and mused of the countless meetings I had with my studio staff regarding how to treat our star customers. In three months of post-operative office visits, I never met an unsatisfied patient. Some, in fact, were eager for me to play – “Find My Scar”!

I really liked the “Gal” at the front desk in Newport Beach. After my first visit, when entering the front office, she would greet me saying, before I could introduce myself, “Please be seated. I’ll tell the staff you’re here.” I never felt I was imposing on her other front office tasks.

In summary, I found Dr. Hung to be a world-class surgeon with a well trained staff and front office. If I ever see them again, I hope it’s for Bridge.


I was referred to Dr Hung by Dr. Green for Basal Cell Cancer on my nose. At first I did not think it was a big deal but after Dr. Hung dug deep into the area in order to remove any sign of cancer I changed my mind. This took approximately 7 hours total time. Yes it was a long and tiring day and quite a number of additional trips to his office. Plus care from my spouse at home but the end result was CANCER FREE and cosmetically OK. My wife and I wish to thank the entire staff for their professionalism and courteous service over the last few months and three Cheers to Dr. Hung.  He is the BEST.


As an athlete in high school and college, then a High School and Community College Coach, and finally an Administrator I spent over 50 years enjoying the wonderful California sunshine. I also did a lot of camping and outdoor activities such as jogging and golf. All of this is long before sunscreen and the awareness of the accumulativeness serious damage taking place to my skin. I am now 80 years old and paying the price for all those unprotected years in the sun. I have now had over thirty-six Mohs surgeries on my face and one on my leg which required a skin graft, and am scheduled for five more in the near future.

What is amazing is that no one can see the surgeries unless they get close and I point them out. Some cannot be seen at all. I cannot tell you how appreciative and happy I am with the results which I owe to Dr Vincent Hung. He is not only a fantastic plastic surgeon but a caring and compassionate individual.

In the meantime my wife was diagnosed with Melanoma on her face and there was no question as to who her doctor would be. Dr. Hung preformed that surgery with positive results and she is cancer free.

He has done such a fantastic job on both of us that when my wife recently decided she wanted to do a face peel and a mini-facelift there was again no question who that doctor would be. Dr Hung did the surgery and we are both extremely pleased with the results. She feels that the surgery has taken at least ten years off the aging process.

This experience was made even better by his staff from the receptionist to his surgical assistants. They are all very professional, pleasant, and caring. We cannot say enough about everyone in his office who was involved and we do highly recommend Dr. Hung. His skills are absolutely fantastic and his professionalism is outstanding.

L & M S.

Best care! I would trust Dr. Hung to do surgery anywhere on my body!


Friendly & extremely competent assistants.  Dr Hung did an excellent job. No pain during or following MOHS procedure. Very little scarring. Good “bedside manner” in explaining process & post-surgery care.  Clean & professional office.


Good care. Professional team. Excellent and extensive follow up. No scarring!!


Always have a great experience with Dr. Hung. Had MOHS Surgery on my nose in January of 2014 and it looks like I was never touched. He and his staff take their time and are very friendly and compassionate. Dr. Hung takes his time in speaking with you and has great chair side manner.


I was referred to Dr. Hung to have a forehead flap procedure to treat cancer on my nostril. Of course, I was very apprehensive about entire process. On my first appointment Dr. Hung explained gently what I could expect and his nurses followed up with her cheerful caring explanations. His office is a very busy office due to his unusual and gifted talents however; it was my experience the staff functions very efficiently, cheerfully, and professionally. Not only is Dr. Hung a very skillful physician (I was a registered for 34 years) but he is genuinely a very compassionate, gentle man.


Dr. Hung is very talented and very professional. Unfortunately I have had to see him several times, because of my lack of using any protection for my skin when I was younger. This has all been damage to my facial area. The procedures to remove the cancers that I have had have all had minimum pain and have healed well with minimal scaring. The comments from family and friends have all been very positive with some surprise on how quickly I healed and how little scaring there has been. I highly recommend Dr. Hung for any procedures that you may require.


Dr. Hung is very talented and very professional. Unfortunately I have had to see him several times, because of my lack of using any protection for my skin when I was younger. This has all been damage to my facial area. The procedures to remove the cancers that I have had have all had minimum pain and have healed well with minimal scaring. The comments from family and friends have all been very positive with some surprise on how quickly I healed and how little scaring there has been. I highly recommend Dr. Hung for any procedures that you may require.


Dr. Hung is a true professional. He does very good work and has a wonderful staff!


Dr. Hung performed MOHS surgery on a basal cell carcinoma near the tip of my nose. The resulting defect was large and deep, but Dr. Hung was able to repair it with a full-thickness skin graft, restoring the shape of my nose and consistency of skin color, leaving a virtually undetectable scar. Throughout the process, Dr. Hung expressed confidence in the outcome, which was very reassuring.



Dr. Hung has done a lot of little “make it better” plastic surgeries for me over the years, but my facelift was truly a work of art!  I am astonished and amazed that this talented, skilled surgeon is so absolutely artistic as well as so magnificently skilled.  Yes, he has a world class education and years of outstanding experience.

I am 73 years old, I am a lovely woman, but as I have aged, I had developed the genetic “turkey waddle” I inherited from my mother and grandmothers.  It did not make me feel loved, confident or glad that every other part of my body is aging like I am still 35 years old.  My face lift was comfortable, Dr. Hung’s staff has taken the best possible care of me, and even his selection of anesthesiologist was brilliant.  I got the best, 100%!  I would do this all over again but I will not need to, my lovely face looks like the rest of my slowly aging body, about 35 years old!

Thank you Dr. Hung for your skill and talent.


Dr. Hung is an amazing, talented, plastic surgeon who also has a terrific bedside manner, explaining every step of the process of the surgery. My husband is completely satisfied with the end result. We felt complete confidence in his ability and will certainly recommend him to all family and friends. We feel very lucky we found the best!  Mr. and Mrs.

R. I.

Dr. Hung is the best. We have the utmost confidence in him. He is not only very kind; he does such a great job with his surgeries and explains each procedure thoroughly. His office staff is also very efficient, organized and takes great care in making you comfortable before and after procedures. We HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hung!

M. & B. Y.

Dear Dr. Hung,
Thank you so much for the expert care you gave me even into the late hours of the evening.  Though, of course, this is not a fun event it is necessary.  I feel so blessed to be cared for by you and your tireless, loving staff.  I have received two follow-up calls!  Makes me feel good.  Many, many thanks to all of you.  My best regards and appreciation,


This note comes to thank you for your good services in removing a basal cell carcinoma from my cheek and the follow up attention you provided.  When you gave me the “all clear” I joined the growing number of satisfied patients.  The entire experience was a positive one – the attractive office space and consultation rooms, the cordial staff, the classical music and of course, your expertise.

A special thank you for your restraint in not asking “why did you wait so long to take care of this?”  I’m sure that is a question you often are tempted to ask from this patient’s perspective.  Your thoughtfulness in not pursuing the matter meant a great deal.